Thursday, 13 September 2012

La La Lashes - review

I was recently contacted by Eyesbright and asked whether I would review some cosmetic contact lenses. As I have to wear prescription lenses allll the time, I sadly had to turn down their offer. However, they were nice enough to send me some eyelashes to try out instead!

I chose the Delight style of the La La Lashes. They're very long lashes with a gradual flick towards the outer corners. These lashes have a very flexible spine, which means that it was very easy to shape to your natural lash line. The lashes come with glue, which is actually one of the best 'freebie' glues I've tried! It was initially really runny, but once it was applied to the lashes and left to dry for a while, it was the stickiest glue I've ever used! I don't tend to wear eyelashes in the daytime, but I think I could get away with these. They're not too over the top but still give a bit of dramatic effect.

Overall these lashes are very comfortable, easy to apply and a great shape! If you're on the lookout for cosmetic contact lenses, or some eyelashes then you should check out Eyesbright! What's your favourite eyelashes brand? Do you buy yours online or in person? x


  1. Ooh these look lovely on you :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. I rarely wear lashes as I find then really inflexible and not as sticky as I would line- so these sound worth a try. They look great and really subtle to wear in the day time!

  3. These are lovely, they are such a nice flicked out shape xxx