Friday, 28 September 2012

Motel Wishlist & DISCOUNTS!

Motel Rocks are running a promotion over the weekend (28th - 30th September) that I thought you guys would like to hear about! I bloody love Motel stuff, but I'm not going to lie, sometimes it is a bit pricey! They occassionally do pretty good discounts, so when I found out about this one I thought I'd spread the word :)

The images above are a selection of my current favourites and next to them are the prices with the discount applied :) I looove the Gabby Sequin dress, perfect for a bit more of a special night out. When I was typing that I was thinking about Christmas parties... but felt like I couldn't write that as it's still only September, argh haha! The off shoulder top is amazing too, I'm sure I had something similar when I was about 10 - retro or what!

Anyway, onto the good bit - discounts! This weekend Motel are running:
20% off tops and skirts with the code: PAYDAY1
25% off bottoms with the code: PAYDAY2
30% off dresses with the code: PAYDAY3
aaaand, there's free next day shipping for the weekend too! :)

I hope this is helpful to you all - I know I'm definitely going to be purchasing a few bits this weekend :)
What's your favourite Motel item at the moment? Are you going to buy anything? x

*This post isn't sponsored by Motel at all :) just wanted to share this promotion with you guys! x

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Revlon - Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain - Darling

This is my favourite lip product at the moment, I think that's pretty good going by 'drug-store' brand Revlon, seeing as my normal fave lip product is my MAC lipstick in Creme Cup!

This is a pencil type stick by Revlon, which is very easy and smooth to apply, nourishing and long lasting! The packaging and actual colour of the product made me pretty wary at first, I didn't think I'd be able to pull off lilac/purple lips. But because it's a balm/stain, you can apply this product for as little or as much colour as you like! This is great for me, I love wearing a hint of lip colour in the daytime and something a bit more drastic at night - this is the perfect two in one product!

I didn't think that a product would work well as both a balm and a stain, because balms tend to wear off pretty quickly - however, the colour from this product does actually last! The balm side of the product is very hydrating and stays put for quite a while too! Overall, this product is great and I definitely need to pick up some more shades :)

Have you tried this? What did you think? x

P.s. I have been spamming (sorrrry everyone) every social media site at the moment with this Louboutin competition - but if you haven't already checked it out then you should! Who wouldn't want to win a classic pair of Louboutin heels?! x

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Koala bears and studs

Koala shirt: Primark // Jeans: New Look* // Quilted Flatforms: River Island

I've finally realised that taking outfit photos outside works much better than inside! Now I know why Kim takes all hers perched on her little garden step haha, learning from the expert.

How cute are the little koalas on this shirt?! I love it and such a bargain from Primark. It's completely sheer, so I just wore a thin seamless vest top underneath. I was thinking about tucking this into a black skater skirt, but I was only going out for Sunday lunch at Nandos so paired it with my New Look Shaper jeans (aka comfiest jeans in the world) to keep it casual. 

I think I'm getting a bit obsessed with tiny animals on clothes, I saw an amazing fox blouse the other day and I think I might have to buy it - has anyone else seen any cute 'animal print' pieces? 
I think I'll probably end up wearing this with jeans or leggings the most, or maybe tucked into a skirt. How would you wear a sheer shirt? x

P.s. you may have seen a sneakpeek of this the other day on instagram - @emmerliejay :) x

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Gelish nails from The Long Weekend

1. The Long Weekend logo [taken from website] 2. Annie applying the coloured Gelish gel. 3. Curing the gel under the UV light. 4. The final result!

On Saturday, I went to The Long Weekend salon in Cheltenham for a Gelish manicure. If you're not familiar with Gelish manicures, they involve applying a coloured gel to the nails like a normal polish, then curing the nails under a UV light to set the gel and make it last, chip-free, for up to 3 weeks!

Annie, from The Long Weekend started off by prepping my nails with a de-hydrating polish. This ensures that your nails are clean and free-from oil which could cause the gel to peel away from your nail. The clear, base gel was then applied and set using the UV light. Annie then applied a layer of coloured gel, I chose a purple colour called 'Rendezvous', cured it then repeated the process until the colour was solid and even. A clear top coat was then applied and cured the same as the base coat, to seal the whole lot. The final result is a very shiny, smooth nail which feels amazingly strong! Hopefully keeping this on for a couple of weeks will help my nails grow longer as they're so supported by the gel and unlikely to break.

As mentioned before, Gelish manicures are meant to last for up to 3 weeks, so I will be updating this post on the progress of my nails every week. I'll do an update after 7 and 14 days, then see whether they'll last to the full 3 weeks!

Overall, I'm really impressed with Gelish polishes so far. They'd be great on your toes if you're going on a beach holiday, as I think the strength of the gel would minimise the chipping caused by sand. The only downside is that you're limited to the same colour for a couple of weeks, as the polish has to be removed by the salon using acetone. However, I'm going to test out some glitter polishes over the top next week and see whether they work! (I may, or may not, have bought some Models Own Mirrorball polishes... oops).

Have you ever had a Gelish manicure? What did you think? Would you try them out? x

Friday, 14 September 2012

iPhone outfits #04

These are just a couple of pictures I've taken before work this week on my iPhone, it's so hard to take proper outfit photos while working full time and having a relatively full social life too!

I'm wearing one of my favourite dresses in the first photo. It's perfect to wear to work with leggings - so comfy! It was a bargain at £12 from H&M too. There's not a H&M where I'm living at the moment, so I make sure I pop in whenever I see one in another town. I'm wearing my beloved Amelie boots in that outfit too, again - so comfy! Haha. I did a post dedicated to them a while ago here.  

The second outfit was actually today, lazy outfit Fridays yeaaah haha. I was also sent this lovely studded jumper by Glamorous - they have some amazing A/W stuff just come in so check them out :)

If anyone else works in an office, what's your favourite work outfit? x

Thursday, 13 September 2012

La La Lashes - review

I was recently contacted by Eyesbright and asked whether I would review some cosmetic contact lenses. As I have to wear prescription lenses allll the time, I sadly had to turn down their offer. However, they were nice enough to send me some eyelashes to try out instead!

I chose the Delight style of the La La Lashes. They're very long lashes with a gradual flick towards the outer corners. These lashes have a very flexible spine, which means that it was very easy to shape to your natural lash line. The lashes come with glue, which is actually one of the best 'freebie' glues I've tried! It was initially really runny, but once it was applied to the lashes and left to dry for a while, it was the stickiest glue I've ever used! I don't tend to wear eyelashes in the daytime, but I think I could get away with these. They're not too over the top but still give a bit of dramatic effect.

Overall these lashes are very comfortable, easy to apply and a great shape! If you're on the lookout for cosmetic contact lenses, or some eyelashes then you should check out Eyesbright! What's your favourite eyelashes brand? Do you buy yours online or in person? x

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

New Look Super Skinny Shaper Jeans

Shock, horror - an outfit post! Sorry about the quality of these images, they were taken during a rain storm after work so it was pretty gloomy! 

I just wanted to show off these jeans from New Look - the comfiest jeans I have ever owned! They're from the Shaper range and made from the stretchiest denim ever, this is a major plus point for me as I can't stand uncomfortable jeans! The waistband on these comes up quite high but this means they hold any lumps and bumps firmly in place! The detailing on the pockets and seams is very simple, but sometimes you just need a plain, regular pair of jeans! The one downside to these is that the ankles are quite baggy on me, for 'super skinny' they're not that skinny really, but I can overlook this because of the comfort factor. I rarely wear blue jeans, but I can tell that these are going to become a wardrobe staple this winter.

I also recently bought these quilted flatforms from River Island and I love them. They're so comfy, but a bit more interesting than your regular ballet pumps due to the quilting and gold plate on the heel. I've just found out that these are also available with a higher flaform/more of a wedge, which would be good for nights out! I might have to make another cheeky purchase :)

What brand are your favourite, go-to, simple jeans? x

Monday, 10 September 2012

Lusting after: army jackets

I've been considering buying an army/camo jacket for a while now, so I've been trawling the internet for potential options! I thought I'd share my top picks with you guys too. The jackets below range from £29.99 - £65 so there's something for everyone :)

My personal favourite is the Topshop Studded Camo jacket (number 1), which is yours? x

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Lush fresh handmade colour - how to wear #1: accents

Lush have created a selection of colour products - a versatile range of colours that can be used for multiple purposes. The range is called Emotional Brilliance and the idea is that you choose 3 colours that stand out to you, at that moment in time, from a spinning wheel. Click here to try it for yourself online. So that's the theory behind the range... but in reality I just went into the shop and picked a colour that I like and that I thought I would regularly wear (sorry, Lush). Anyway! I chose the colour called 'Dynamic' which is a 'sheer, warm peach' with an eyeliner applicator.

I've been wearing this product in a couple of different ways, so I thought I'd do a series of posts, one for each use! The first way I've been using this is for 'accents'. I initially tried to use it as normal eyeliner, but I found the brush quite hard to use and the consistency was strange so I went for a different method!

This first use is very subtle, but adding things like dots around regular winged eyeliner is a really easy way to create a different makeup look. Alternative 'accents' using coloured eyeliner could be; adding extra lines or flicks underneath your normal winged eyeliner, adding colour to the inner corner of your eye, or even adding a contrasting colour to the bottom lashline.

There will be two more posts on my uses of Lush's Fresh Handmade Colour, so I hope you like them! Haha. Have you tried any of the Lush makeup range? What do you use them for? x  

Saturday, 8 September 2012


I made some cupcakes... which started out pretty successfully until I got to the icing. I attempted to make pink buttercream icing, so mixed clover (light), icing sugar and red food colouring. I'm not sure whether I just didn't use enough icing sugar, or whether it was because I used clover light, or whether it was the food colouring - but that is some weird looking, sloppy, orange icing haha. Doesn't taste as bad as it looks though! Does anyone have any fool-proof icing tips?

In other news, my boyfriend Josh has started getting back into blogging. He started one a while ago but didn't get into it too much. But he's got loads of exciting stuff to post about at the moment, so you should check it out! His posts are mostly based around music, festivals and events he runs/goes to. If you want to read something a little bit different then have a look - Don't let the days go by. x

Sunday, 2 September 2012

NARS eyeshadow trio - 'Ramatuelle'

I bought this eyeshadow aaaages ago, but I haven't posted about it yet. I actually bought it at the same time as myAmour blusher, it was an expensive day :/ Anyway, I've been using it loads since I bought it, it's such a versatile trio! I use the peach shade (middle) as an all over base, then the silver in the inner corner of my eye and the terracotta (right) in the crease. 

NARS describe their eyeshadow trios as "harmonious, color combinations of eyeshadow shades. Worn alone or together, all Trio Eyeshadow shades feature micro-fine powders that are highly pigmented, longwearing and crease resistant. Color glides on smoothly, evenly and blends effortlessly."

I would definitely agree with everything listed above, these colours work perfectly together to create a subtle look that still gives definition to the eye. I tend to use this trio in the daytime as the shades are fairly neutral, however they are very buildable so a heavier night look can still be created! The shadows are so soft, they blend incredibly easily, I just use an eco-tools eyeshadow brush for the whole lot. These shadows also stay put for a whole working day, I think that's pretty good going! 

Have you tried any NARS eyeshadows before? What did you think? x