Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Quick nail post

Pastel pink & lilac: Gold by Giles at New Look // Top coat: Polishield by Orly // Gem wheel: eBay

I haven't blogged a nail post in ages! 
This is a really quick little manicure I did the other night. I don't wear many pastel colours so I thought I'd branch out. Working with Kim gives me nail envy pretty much every day, so I thought I'd get my act together and actually do something with my nails for once!

These Gold by Giles nail varnishes are great, they come in a massive range of colours, dry really fast and actually last quite a long time with a decent top coat! I'm really impatient, so nail varnishes that dry quickly are a lifesaver for me! I chose to go for a different colour accent nail and added contrasting gems to my thumb and ring finger. 

Where do you get inspiration for nail designs from? I want to try and keep my nails nicely painted as much as possible, so give me ideas! :)

I'm off to Creamfields this weekend! Is anyone else going? I hope the weather is okay and not too rainyyyy :( x


  1. My go to place for nail inspiration is this Pinterest board!

    I've used loads of the ideas and there's so many more I want to try :D

    Mollie xo

  2. i go to tumblr for my nail ideas, they have some really good ones :) your nails looks soo good btw :)
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  3. This is so pretty, I love the pastel pink colour!

  4. Love! I may use some of my little gems tonight :) although actually they probably won't last for global! eek x

  5. That lilac colour is beautiful! Xo

  6. I bet your office is nail city! I definitely couldn't work there, I'd be fired after 5 minutes.
    PS your nails are sweet, and I like the little gems on the end. Beautiful gems for a beautiful lady.xx

  7. yur nails look fab! jealous!

    1. thank you for your comment- great minds think alike with the lace socks- and becase they are detachable they wont get ruined in the washing machine :)
      I love my iron fist shoes they een get carried abound in their box when i want to wear them i look after them so well

  8. I love these colours, especially the purple! Very jealous that you're off to Creamfields, it's just down the road from me but I couldn't afford it :(

    Frances xx

  9. Wow Cant believe the nail polishes from Gold by Giles work that great!

  10. I'm not going to lie, I didn't even realise Giles did nail varnish! Lovely colours though. Have fun at creamfields, wish I were going :(

  11. very pretty! love the pastel colours!!

    xo kerker
    The Ugly Moments

  12. I love the pastel pink, it looks gorgeous, especially with the lilac and gems! My mum has a huge collection of nail art so I'm always playing about with gems and such, they're so fiddly!


  13. Beautiful colours!!! :)
    Your blog is amazing! :)
    I'd be happy to have a new follower like you! Hope you will check out my blog!

  14. OH MY!!! Those nails are ridiculously pretty!! <3 x