Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Lush - Retread conditioner review

A while ago I posted about my new Lush shampoo - I bought this conditioner at the same time and thought it was about time I mentioned my views on it. 

Retread is a conditioner for when your hair needs some 'serious breakdown recovery', perfect for a special treat every now and then! I have been using both my 'Big' shampoo and this conditioner around once a week, and just using my normal shampoo and conditioner in between. 

As stated above this conditioner contains seaweed, soya milk, olive, jojoba, avocado, melon juice and yoghurt. The melon gives it a mild fruity smell which I love, it's not too over-powering but the smell still stays once you've dried your hair. The one thing I'm not too keen on is the consistency of the product, for a 'heavy duty' conditioner you'd think it would be really thick - more like a hair mask. But it's not, it's a yoghurt-y texture which means that if your hair is too wet it just slides straight off. You have to make sure that you wring your hair out well before applying the conditioner, in order to get the best coverage and results! I don't think this is a major downfall though, as it means that the product is always completed washed out of your hair by the end of the shower and doesn't leave a residue or weigh your hair down like some products can!  

Overall, this is a great conditioner for when your hair needs a boost. It's light and fresh yet it leaves your hair soft and smooth, taming any frizz along the way! £9.95 might seem like quite a lot for a conditioner, but if you use it as more of a treat like I do, then it lasts for ages and is worth the extra money :)

Have you tried this conditioner before? What do you think of Lush hair products? x


  1. i've been looking at this for a while, think i might have to get it! x

  2. Sounds lovely!! The price tag is a bit of a downer though. You can buy Redken products for this much! Still, Lush is usually pretty reliable. Great post hun!
    <3 Laura x

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