Monday, 20 August 2012

Lush - Big Sea Salt Shampoo Review

Last weekend I spent waaay too much money in Lush, so this is the first of a couple of Lush reviews coming up :) 

This is the first tub of shampoo I've had from Lush, I used to have a solid shampoo bar a couple of years ago but didn't really stick to it. This 'Big' shampoo is quite unusual, it has loads of large pieces of rock salt through a normal gooey shampoo. Lush claim that this shampoo will give your hair 'big' volume and they're definitely right. After using this, a quick blast of the hairdryer turned my hair into a giant mane, amazing! 

The pieces of salt through the shampoo gentle exfoliate your scalp. I love this as I use quite a lot of hairspray and products like Dust It which always feel like they clog up your scalp and hair follicles, so sometimes a good scrub is needed! Lush recommend shampooing twice with this product, however I didn't find that necessary. When I first put the shampoo onto my hair, it didn't lather up much, but when I stuck my head under the water again it lathered up really well! This shampoo created the most bubbles I've ever seen, I think it just takes a bit more water to make it bubble due to the amount of salty lumps haha. The clumps of salt do take some getting used to, they fall out of your hair as you're washing it so there's a kind of sprinkling noise as you're washing! 

I think this shampoo has a lovely lemony smell, not really salty at all, but Josh said my hair smelt like the seaside. But I think he was just biased because he'd seen it in the shower and knew it was sea salt shampoo!

Overall I really like this shampoo and it does exactly what Lush say, creates volume! It is quite expensive for a shampoo, definitely a lot more than the big value bottles of Tresemme I usually buy for me and Josh (he's banned from using this one), however I do think it's worth the money for a treat! I won't be using this shampoo every time I wash my hair, to preserve it a little bit, but it'll definitely be used before nights out/special occasions. Keep your eyes peeled for my Lush conditioner review coming soon :)

Have you tried the Lush Big Sea Salt shampoo? What did you think?
What do you think to washing your hair with clumps of salt? x


  1. I really like the sound of this, it would definitely take some getting used too though! I haven't tried much from Lush, looking forward to your other reviews :) xx

  2. I love this shampoo, I've repurchased about 4 times and each time they last for ages! xx

  3. I've seen reviews of this before but no one has ever sold it for volume, I think I am definitely going to have to try it now! Adding it to my wish list :) Lovely review xo

  4. I think the salt kind of puts me off, although the coconut in Curly Wurly did until I tried a sample. I might try this out now as it sounds absolutely amazing x

  5. I have this and it is my FAVOURITE shampoo ever!!! I only use it once a week/ fortnight but it makes my hair feel like a dream :)


  6. This sounds really good, the majority of volumising shampoos I've tried don't do a thing, but this sounds different and definitely worth a try. I am always looking for something that actually maintains the volume too, rather than give it a boost for about five minutes before essentially just weighing it down and making it look like it needs washing again!
    Mel x

  7. A great review! I'd love to try this but as you said, it's expensive :/ I love Lush I could buy so much I just wish it was cheaper!

  8. fantastric review- the way the salt works on your scalp sounds fantastic, i would go for this if you didnt say it turned your hair into a mane (my hair is already far too big and messy)
    but i will be recomending this to my boyufriend as he wants somehting along these lines and a lemon smell is a lot more neautral than my flowery shampoos

  9. Sooo want to try this!
    Anything for big hair haha x

  10. I've used this shampoo lots of times, trick is use it twice!! once for volume n second for shine and results are amazing.....i do work for lush so a tad biased :P but trust me paying that bit extra for some products works wonders for your hair n skin! xx

  11. I kinda want to try this just because it sounds interesting... definitely can't say I've tried a shampoo with great chunks of salt in it before! My hair's pretty thick but it often ends up looking a bit flat cos there's so much weight to it so this stuff might just do the trick (one day, when I'm feeling rich!)
    Kaz x

  12. This sounds fantastic! Great review will definitely pick it up next time I'm in Lush x

  13. I've been having loads of issues giving my hair volume -- silky but ALWAYS flat! So this product is right up my street :D Thanks for doing this review!