Thursday, 9 August 2012

Favourite blushers

(left - right)

Sorry for the tatty packaging of these blushers, they are well loved and used a lot! These are the blushers I use on a daily basis, for both daytime and nighttime wear.

The first of my favourites is MAC mineralize blush in 'Dainty'. MAC describe this as a 'light yellow pink with a gold pearl' and it is a a sheer, but buildable colour - perfect for daytime. I would say that this is the blush I wear most out of the three, it features a in a lot of my posts but is rarely mentioned. I'm wearing it in this post here. It has a pearly pink/gold shimmer which manages to make me look alive when I start work at 8.30am!

The second blush is from the Stila custom colour self adjusting range, in the shade 'Coral'. I did a full review of this blush here, where you can actually see the blush on my cheeks. I still love the colour, application and staying power of this blush - it lasts for ages! I'm still not sure whether the blush actually reacts with your skin tone, like it claims, to make the perfect colour - who knows! I'm just not sure whether that is possible for a blusher, but I'm a cynic.

The third and final favourite is NARS blush in 'Amour'. This was a bit of a random purchase from Selfridges in Birmingham on my way home one day, but it has definitely become a dressing table regular. Again, I've done a full review with pictures of the blush on my cheeks here. It is a much darker colour than I would usually choose, however this means it's perfect for a more dramatic night time look. It can also be used in the daytime, I try to be careful and light-handed with it though! 

What's your favourite blusher? I'm a bit of blusher hoarder at the moment, I can't stop buying them! x


  1. They all look gorgeous. I've never tried a nars blush but would love to!

  2. ive got a few blushers on the go at the moment, i cant pick a favourite! these all look lovely :)

  3. i have yet to try a nars product! i think maybe i should try one!!

  4. Oh the MAC blusher looks perfect for everyday use- I wish I had several blushers for different looks. I have one that i build on to get a day to night look but its still just a little too bright for everyday use.
    thank you for the comment on my blog- camo jackets seem like rainbows- you see them about but can never find where they are from! my local chrity shop had a mini shipment in but thye are all large or extra large so not really suitible for women :(

  5. the colors you´re using are lovely :)

  6. I'm a blush hoarder too, that MAC blush is gorgeous but I will resist, I have two in the post on their way to me already! Lovely post.

  7. I LOVE macs blush in Dainty!!