Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Dress: Primark // Belt: Primark // Leggings: Topshop

Two posts in two days, what is going on?! These are just some quick images of a typical work outfit from the other day. I need to stop wearing black... it's supposedly summer so I should be all floral and summery but I'm not. 

Today I booked a holiday in the most amazing old fashioned Gypsy caravan in the New Forest! :) Me and Josh are going for a long weekend at the start of August and I can't wait. Just gonna have a chilled out time and hire some bikes and go on bike rides all weekend. And it's near the sea and I love the sea!  :D I feel like an over excited child but I don't care. Being from the very centre of England makes the seaside a very fun, rare, adventure!

I've just ordered Pizza Hut too, so today is going well :) I am stuck on 299 followers though, which is slightly annoying my OCD side - someone make it a nice round number please? x


  1. Lovely outfit :) I think I have that dress in white xx


  2. That dress looks wonderful on you x

  3. I love that dress, saw it and almost bought it myself :) xx

  4. I've just moved by the new forrest, it's lovely:) great post!xx

  5. I was going to get that dress, it's super cute :) x x x

  6. Ah I have a soft spot for black clothing! I think it looks so simple and beautidul though! Hope you have a brill holiday :) sounds like fun! You're at 301 now - hope that satisfies your OCD-ness haha :) xx

  7. Lovely dress! Enjoy the New Forest, I live near there :) x

  8. lovely blog and post!
    How did you make your header..its cute!?

    check me out..