Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Amourx jewellery

I was very lucky to be contacted by Colleen from Amourx, a handmade jewellery store based in Melbourne, Australia. She was kind enough to send me these lovely pieces!
I was very impressed with the packaging and presentation of the jewellery, they came tucked in a cute printed box within a little gold gift bag. I think attention to detail like this really makes a difference when receiving a product :)

I love the fact that the ring is adjustable! I hate buying rings online as there's always the risk that they won't fit on my skinny fingers, I have way too many rings just sat in a drawer because they don't fit. This ring is really cute and perfect for daytime wear. I love the pattern on the earrings too :) both of the first holes in my ears are stretched, so I can't wear studs in those, however I often put random mismatched earrings in my second/third holes so these are perfect!  

Amourx has free worldwide shipping so everyone should check them out, all the products are really affordable prices and great quality! Go and have a look :) x


  1. That is such a cute ring - I'm the same with rings, it's impossible to get them to fit! Xo

  2. Really cute, especially love the ring x

  3. These are cute, love the ring x

  4. loving those! so cute.

    Nafisah xo

  5. Love the earrings!! Sooo cute! :)
    Will definitely check out this brand! :D
    <3 Laura x x x