Saturday, 16 June 2012

iPhone outfits #03

2. Pug puppy top - Primark
3. White floaty top - Topshop // Denim shorts - Primark
4. Christmas Jumper - Primark // Jeans - H&M

Apologies about the eyebags, waaah. These are always taken early in the morning before I leave for work, so my face has never woken up properly yet haha. These are all quite boring outfits, but the weather has been awful recently and I never feel inspired to wear anything exciting as I just end up putting a coat over it anyway! The English summer needs to have a good re-think about it's current situation and buck it's ideas up!

Josh's Mom has been staying this week which has been really nice, but it's meant that after work I haven't had time to write up any blog posts, sorry about that! I have a couple planned, I just need to write them :)
I'm having a lazy saturday morning at the moment, going to get moving and have a go on the cross trainer and treadmill in the garage soon though, I need to get fit again! I'm off out tonight in my new Motel dress :) what's everyone else up to tonight? x

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  1. That first outfit is really pretty!xx

  2. Loving the pug top, and bags madam? Which ones?

    Saturday night- revision- The law of trusts and equitable obligations.... YAWN

  3. I had that pug top once! Can't remember why I gave it away :(
    I love the floral top, it's so pretty! Xo

  4. LOVE that floral top! I wish I culd were normal clothes to work rather than a uniform :(

    Thank yyou for the comment- your legs are AMAZING (I'm a little jelous of how nice they are) I wish I had the enthusiasm of walking more

  5. I love the Christmas jumper. I'm a sucker for anything fairisle! Island Girl Insights x

  6. great outfits!! lovely blog ;)

  7. I really like the Christmas jumper *or is it a cardi?* I love fairisle woollies :)

    Tanesha x