Sunday, 10 June 2012

Amie skincare review

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I don't know why but I always seem to be attracted to skincare products, especially when they look as cute as these! The Amie range don't just look cute either, they are made from 98% natural ingredients, suitable for vegetarians & vegans and are not tested on animals! 

The 2 in 1 cleanser and toner removes even a full face of makeup easily, it takes quite a few cotton wool pads, but I get there in the end! It feels really gentle on my skin - there's no stinging sensation around my eyes which I sometimes get with cleansers. The product smells really fresh and natural, I can't work out the exact scent but I think it's some kind of fruit/herb extract. I've just realised some of the main ingredients are listed on the front, so it's probably one of those haha. Over the couple of weeks I've been using this product, I have noticed that the usual redness I get has been reduced. 

After using the toner, I use the matte finish moisturiser. I really do like this moisturiser, it leaves my skin feeling soft all day but doesn't leave an annoying greasy residue! I don't have overly oily skin, so I'm not too sure how well the matte side of things would work for those who do, but my skin is left soft and shine-free! 

Overall, I really like these products. Being specially formulated for teen/early 20s skin means they're perfect for my skin at the moment! You don't really have to use much of either product, so they will last a fair while!   

Does anyone currently use these products? What do you think? x


  1. i have used some stuff from them but as you said is formulated for teens i have to use more serious moisturisers and toners,as i am 26 :(..but i remember i quite liked them,it was the toner and cleanser x

  2. My skincare routine is in desperate need of a revamp so I might consider this brand after such a glowing review!
    Great post :) now following

  3. I hadn't heard of Amie skincare until today - will definitely check them out! Fantastic review :) You've got yourself a new follower :) xo

  4. The matte moisturiser sounds perfect for me as I have oily skin so I never moisturise because it always leaves my skin feeling 10 times worse xx

  5. I love love love Amie - I have been using them for years and haven't switched from the moisturiser once. I have quite oily skin, but very dry after being wet and the moisturisor instantly soothes this without adding extra oil/moisture for the rest of the day - pretty special actually x