Thursday, 28 June 2012

Jeffrey Jeffrey Jeffrey

Jeffrey Campbell Madame (bottom right)

Just thought I'd post a bit of shoe-lovin' today. I'm in desperate need of some going out shoes at the moment, I've got loads of flats and daytime shoes but I only have a couple of pairs suitable for nights out.
I would absolutely loooove the Aubrey Spikes, but at £130 I would need to get a lot of wear out of them to justify the price. I'd also be a bit worried about ruining them or stabbing myself too. The 99 Ties are much more practical so I am very tempted by those... and the Genes... and the Madames. Basically I just want them all!
Which are your favourite Jeffrey Campbells? x

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Studded Collar

Two outfit posts in one week, woaah there I'm spoiling you! :)
This is just a quick post of what I wore to work today. I bought this top from New Look the other day and I really like it. You can't see too well from the pictures but it's got a slight dip hem at the back, it's not one of the curved dim hems though it's kind of square (am I making any sense at all today?!)

A while ago I did a post on my new MAC creme cup lipstick but didn't include a photo of my whole face. Just thought I'd mention that I'm wearing creme cup in these photos :) I love it, such a good daytime colour. 
How tanned do I look in the last picture?! Good old flash. Thought I'd include it so I can dream/pretend that I've been away on an exotic holiday and I've come back all tanned ;) haha I wish.

How is everyone, what are you all up to tonight? x 

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Cut out dress

You may have noticed Glamorous items popping up all over the blogging world (if not, you should check them out - clicky here. I love this cut out dress, you can't see all the detail too well in the photos but it buttons all the way from the bottom up to the pointy collar. I've worn it with my mesh panel leggings from Topshop here as it's pretty cold today, when it's warmer I wear it with my denim jacket and bare legs :)

I've been out shopping this afternoon so have lots of new clothes to show you :) hopefully will get some time during the week to take photos! You may have noticed I have a new photo location, it's the alleyway behind my house haha. Not the prettiest of places but the light inside my house was annoyingly bad today!

What's everyone else been up to this weekend? Have you heard of Glamorous before? x

Thursday, 21 June 2012

MAC Creme Cup Lipstick

Me and the girls at work made a cheeky MAC purchase and this little beauty dropped onto my desk a few days ago. I already own numerous eyeshadows, eyeliners and blushers from MAC but I have to admit, this is my first ever lipstick from them!

Needless to say, I am just impressed with this lipstick as I am with their other products. This shade is described as a 'light blue pink' on the website and I never thought I'd go for this kind of colour. I know it's very inoffensive and not exactly bold, but I've always gone for either no lipstick or very nude, gold/bronze sheer shades before. Basically, this is the first pink-ish lipstick I own! 

So here it is, creme cup. I love it, it's perfect for everyday wear as it's not too in your face but it's a lovely colour! As with most MAC products I've tried, it glides on easily and stays for ages! 
What's your favourite MAC lipstick... or product in general? x

P.s. sorry for the annoying small cropped lip swatch, but the rest of my face looked ridiculous in every picture! x

Monday, 18 June 2012

Motel Rocks

This is the outfit I wore on Saturday night - me and Sheila were like team Motel! Pictures were taken before I got organised enough to put any accessories on and I was already a bit drunk, hence the sleepy eyes!

It was such a fun night, definitely need more like that soon! I wore my new dress from Motel which I looove, such a great fit and I felt really confident in it, which is unusual for me in tight dresses! I wore my old faithful extensions too, I haven't worn them in so long but I used to wear them every time I went out! I might start wearing them a bit more often again... what do you think?

What did you get up to this weekend? x 

Saturday, 16 June 2012

iPhone outfits #03

2. Pug puppy top - Primark
3. White floaty top - Topshop // Denim shorts - Primark
4. Christmas Jumper - Primark // Jeans - H&M

Apologies about the eyebags, waaah. These are always taken early in the morning before I leave for work, so my face has never woken up properly yet haha. These are all quite boring outfits, but the weather has been awful recently and I never feel inspired to wear anything exciting as I just end up putting a coat over it anyway! The English summer needs to have a good re-think about it's current situation and buck it's ideas up!

Josh's Mom has been staying this week which has been really nice, but it's meant that after work I haven't had time to write up any blog posts, sorry about that! I have a couple planned, I just need to write them :)
I'm having a lazy saturday morning at the moment, going to get moving and have a go on the cross trainer and treadmill in the garage soon though, I need to get fit again! I'm off out tonight in my new Motel dress :) what's everyone else up to tonight? x

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Monday, 11 June 2012

NARS blusher in Amour

Sorry for my massive face in the second picture, I cropped it because there was too much wall/door in the photo for my liking which means that my face is now laaaarge. Anyway! This is my new NARS blusher that I bought when I popped into Selfridges on my way home the other week.

The swatch on the NARS website looks really different to the blusher in the pan, just thought I'd mention that incase anyone is planning on buying it online! The formula is lovely - it's long lasting and it just glides on with my Real Techniques blusher brush. Just on a side note, does anyone else have this brush? Sometimes I find it a bit big and I really have to concentrate and hold the bristles together to stop giving myself massive rosey cheeks! Is that just me?
This is my first NARS purchase and I thought I'd stay away from the oh-so-popular Orgasm, as I wanted something a bit darker and less 'daytime'. I've been using this blusher lightly in the daytime, mixed with my MAC mineralise blusher in Dainty for a bit of a shimmer, then built up on it's own for a more dramatic matte evening look. 
What's your favourite daytime and evening blusher? x

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Amie skincare review

Both available from

I don't know why but I always seem to be attracted to skincare products, especially when they look as cute as these! The Amie range don't just look cute either, they are made from 98% natural ingredients, suitable for vegetarians & vegans and are not tested on animals! 

The 2 in 1 cleanser and toner removes even a full face of makeup easily, it takes quite a few cotton wool pads, but I get there in the end! It feels really gentle on my skin - there's no stinging sensation around my eyes which I sometimes get with cleansers. The product smells really fresh and natural, I can't work out the exact scent but I think it's some kind of fruit/herb extract. I've just realised some of the main ingredients are listed on the front, so it's probably one of those haha. Over the couple of weeks I've been using this product, I have noticed that the usual redness I get has been reduced. 

After using the toner, I use the matte finish moisturiser. I really do like this moisturiser, it leaves my skin feeling soft all day but doesn't leave an annoying greasy residue! I don't have overly oily skin, so I'm not too sure how well the matte side of things would work for those who do, but my skin is left soft and shine-free! 

Overall, I really like these products. Being specially formulated for teen/early 20s skin means they're perfect for my skin at the moment! You don't really have to use much of either product, so they will last a fair while!   

Does anyone currently use these products? What do you think? x

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

May Favourites

I've never done a monthly favourites or empties post before so I thought I'd give it a go! 3/4s of my monthly favourites are lip products haha, but it is definitely something I've been using loads this month. I need to stop buying them really, I bought another one today :( wah.

Anyway, the first product is my favourite exfoliator. I just keep this in the shower and use it every few days. It's a great exfoliator, smells amazing and isn't too harsh! I've done a full review of it here.
The second two favourites are lipsticks I wear on most nights out. I tend to wear them layered, with the Barry M colour on the bottom and 17's Blondie over the top. It creates a really nice shimmery, bronze/gold effect. Both lipsticks are really moisturising and don't leave my lips dry, which is something I get quite often with lipsticks.
The final product is a Mischa Barton lip tint. I got this in a She Said Beauty box and I love it! I immediately threw it in my handbag and have been taking it everywhere. Again it's really moisturising and only leaves a tiny hint of colour, which is great for daytime.

What have been your favourite products this month? 

I'm off out for a meal with Josh this evening, as he's been working for the whooole bank holiday, so I've barely seen him! Typical, I get 5 days off work and he works every single day :( but oh well, we're going for a nice meal tonight :) x

Monday, 4 June 2012

April & May She Said Beauty Boxes

At work, Kate has been in contact with the guys at She Said Beauty and they kindly offered to send all the girls in the office a box to sample. There was mass excitement when the postman delivered a huge cardboard box to the office, containing not one but two beauty boxes each! We didn't really get too much work done after they arrived but oh well :)

Above is the collection of items I received from the April and May boxes. I was really pleased with all the items I received, you can see a full list of the April items here and the May items here :)
I think I'll get the most use out of the eyelashes, the Mischa Barton lip tint (which features in my soon to be posted May favourites), the Inika lip whip (I love the peachy/coraly colour), the sun tan lotion and the Bellapierre shimmer powder. There will probably be some more in depth reviews of the individual items coming up soon, I just wanted to show you all how impressed I am with the boxes as a whole! I think I was more excited about these boxes than any of the 7(ish) Glossy Boxes I have received. I'm not sure if I can properly tell from the 2 boxes I've received but it seems like She Said Beauty is slightly more suited to my age, I was just fed up of getting anti-ageing creams from Glossy Box! 

I have decided to cancel my Glossy Box subscription and move over to She Said Beauty :) 
I think the June boxes have just started being sent out, if you want to see what's inside click here - if you don't want to spoil the surprise then don't click, but it's pretty exciting! 

Is anyone already subscribed, or thinking of subscribing to She Said Beauty? What do you think? x

Saturday, 2 June 2012

My belated 21st birthday present

My 21st birthday was back in January, but I finally got round to going to the Jewellery Quarter with my parents today, to choose my birthday present! I wanted a nice watch for my 21st as you''re supposed to get something special and I thought a watch is something I'll wear every day and hopefully it'll last for a very long time!
We went round a few different shops and tried on loads, but this was actually the first watch I saw. I was torn between this one and an almost identical one with diamonds around the face, but this one won in the end as I thought I would be more likely to wear a less bling-y one every day. 

I didn't think I'd ever go for a mixed colour watch as I always wear gold jewellery, but none of the gold ones I tried on looked quite right. I love the mother of pearl face and the hands are glow in the dark! (I feel like a little kid but that's the best bit :D haha), I tried to get a picture of the glowing hands, but it just resulted in me and my mom giggling in the bathroom in the dark. What do you think? :) What did you get/will ask for for your 21st birthday? 

I'm at my parents at the moment, so I get to play with my mom's lovely Nikon camera. It's making me want one so badly! I'm taking full advantage and taking as many blog photos as possible haha. What's everyone else up to this Jubilee bank holiday weekend? I hope you all have fun! :) x