Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Reward Style Event

On Monday night I went to the Reward Style event to hear about their new affiliate website, especially designed so it's easy for bloggers to use. I definitely recommend you check it out :)

It was a really fun night, I went along with Kate from Memoirs of a Wardrobe and Sophie from Today I am going to wear and we heard the lovely CEO, Amber, talk about the software and how to use it, then we headed off to a local bar for drinks. I found a fellow vodka and apple juice lover! I thought I was the only one who drank it haha, but apparently not :)

I wore my printed ASOS playsuit and cropped leather jacket, but it was really warm out in the evening so I abandoned the jacket in the end :)

I met some lovely people, learned about new software and had lots of nice drinks - all in all a good night :) what have you been up to this week? x


  1. Aww this sounds like a lovely event, I met Amber and Meg from rewardStyle at the iFabbo Conference last Saturday and they were so lovely :) I love your playsuit!

    Frances xx

  2. Who is the sexy chick in the white dress?


  3. Was nice to meet you lovely x