Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Reward Style Event

On Monday night I went to the Reward Style event to hear about their new affiliate website, especially designed so it's easy for bloggers to use. I definitely recommend you check it out :)

It was a really fun night, I went along with Kate from Memoirs of a Wardrobe and Sophie from Today I am going to wear and we heard the lovely CEO, Amber, talk about the software and how to use it, then we headed off to a local bar for drinks. I found a fellow vodka and apple juice lover! I thought I was the only one who drank it haha, but apparently not :)

I wore my printed ASOS playsuit and cropped leather jacket, but it was really warm out in the evening so I abandoned the jacket in the end :)

I met some lovely people, learned about new software and had lots of nice drinks - all in all a good night :) what have you been up to this week? x

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

little list

I've been such a rubbish blogger and barely posted this week! I've been working and then went to Southampton all weekend to enjoy the sunshine :) this rare weather means it's definitely not right to be spending my spare time behind my computer screen, after a day at work!

These are a few things I want to buy at the moment. I love shirts and blouses - especially with the purple one with the skull collar tips and chain (click here for a closer look)! Bright/patterned jeans and leggings are definitely becoming a firm favourite for the summer too. The flask makes me want to go out on picnics in the park!

How has everyone been enjoying the sunshine? What's your favourite trend for summer? x

Thursday, 24 May 2012


Excuse the cheesy title. 
I mentioned the other day that I went to a carboot on Sunday. I love carboots and always want to buy everything I see. Josh had to give me a little talk and remind me that I can't actually buy every piece of china crockery there. So I just came away with this little set to add to my collection. I got 3 side plates, 2 saucers and one tea cup for £1.50 - a pretty mismatched set but I wanted the plate, saucer and teacup to go on my little decorative teacup shelf in the lounge!

I've been out loads after work this week (so I haven't been blogging much), mainly due to the nice weather - it's definitely beer garden weather! I went to see Wheatus in a tiny pub on Tuesday :D waaah, it was so good! Then yesterday we sat out and watched the olympic flame go through town, it was the cutest old lady carrying it, I just wanted to take her home! 

I'm going to Southampton at the weekend for a Eurovision party on Saturday night, we're doing a sweepstake and I'm Ireland so I'm making Guinness & chocolate cakes tonight to take with me. On Saturday lunchtime we're going to Turtle Bay, I've been there for cocktails before but never food. The food looked amazing when I was there though, has anyone been? Recommend something for me to try :)

After my cake-making, I'm going to attempt to schedule some posts for over the weekend, because I have quite a few things to blog about but never any time to write and post them! I also have to tidy our bedroom tonight because I had a bit of a wardrobe melt-down yesterday when I couldn't find anything to wear and Josh wasn't too impressed when he saw it. So much to do, so little time... story of my life.

ANYWAY, enough rambling. I hope everyone's enjoying the sun - what have you been up to? x 

Monday, 21 May 2012

iPhone Outfits #02

1. Black broderie dress & bow cardi: Primark
2. Bow dress: H&M, Cardi: Primark
3. Bird dress: random market stall
4. Skull bandeau & skull vest: Republic

Here's this week's iPhone outfits, I was going to post it yesterday but I'd already posted once so I thought I'd save it for today. My during the week outfits tend to be mostly leggings and dresses as I'm just going to work, sorry if it's a bit boring! You can't really see the black broderie dress very well, but it's that £6 Primark dress that everyone seems to have, but you can see the white version a bit better here. I felt like such an emo in my two skull tops the other day haha. I used to dress like that all the time though, since I've been at work I've definitely started wearing more girly dresses!
What do you guys wear to work? I feel like I need a bit of variation from leggings and dresses! x

Ps. I really need to learn to tidy my room before taking these photos!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

yesterday's shopping

Boat dress: Republic // Floral jeans: Primark // Skull/Cross top: Republic // Gold collar & double finger ring: Primark // Nail oil, nail buffer, eyeshadow brush, Rimmel 1000 kisses lip tint: Boots // Bubblegum lip scrub: Lush.

I didn't try the boat dress on in the shop and when I tried it on at home last night it fitted perfectly everywhere apart from my boobs! I was so gutted :( haha sorry if this is too much information but they were seriously squished. I'm going to return it and try the next size up but I think it'll be too big on my waist :( I absolutely love the colours and pattern though. Bargain at £25!
I'm not quite sure what to wear the floral jeans with, I have another pair but they're darker colours and not so bright, but I'll have a try and see what I come up with :)
My nails are really bad condition at the moment, I think I've overdone it with the constant nail varnish and they keep splitting and breaking :/ so I thought I'd invest in some products to look after them a bit!

I went to the carboot today and bought some cute china :) Josh gave me a little pep-talk before we went and tried to gently explain to me that I can't buy every piece of china I see... haha I was good and only bought two sets! I'll take some pictures of them in the week :)

Have you bought anything nice this weekend? x

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Date Night

Dress: Republic (old)
Ps. I rarely have my hair straight anymore, I don't like it in this picture eurghghg.

Josh has worked/been busy quite a few of the nights this week and with me working 9-5 every day (actually 8.30-5.30 eurgh) I feel like we haven't seen much of each other! So last night we decided to go on a date night. We went for tapas at La Tasca which was so so good, then went to see American Pie at the cinema. Has anyone else seen it? I enjoyed it.

Today I've been shopping in town and bought a few bits of clothes & makeup, but I've got a post lined up for all that tomorrow. I also went for lunch in a really cute old fashioned tea room. It was so tiny and cramped, with ornaments and nick-nacks everywhere, I felt like I was going to break something every time I moved! But it was amazing, we had a ploughmans then some bread and butter pudding with clotted cream and a pot of tea of course! 

I spent about two hours reading some more of The Hunger Games when I got back from town, it sounds cheesy but it is so hard to put down once you start! I'd love to carry on reading it all weekend but I'm off out for some drinks tonight and then heading to a carboot tomorrow!
I hope everyone has a lovely weekend :) what are you all up to? x

Ps. I'm updating instagram loads at the moment, follow me on there if you're not already - @emmerliejay and Twitter too - @emmerliejayblog :) x

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

'Posh Shoe Day'

So, it has been decided at work that every Thursday is going to be 'Posh Shoe Day'. I work in an office of 5 girls and all of us love shoes, so it was a logical decision. This is basically just an excuse to wear big heels and fancy, but not necessarily expensive, shoes one day a week.
One girl in the office has Jeffrey Campbells, one Kurt Geigers and one Louboutins... so as you can imagine, I feel like I should improve my shoe collection slightly. This is no way an excuse to buy more shoes... nope, not at all.

Above are a few favourites I've found while browsing websites this evening. I'm very tempted by the spiked platforms! The trainers have a hidden wedge heel, this just seems a bit weird to me. I wish I could get those trainers with no hidden heel! Has anyone got any trainers with a heel like this, do they look good? Is there actually some kind of visible benefit, or is it just a novelty? 


Sorry this is my first post in a while. I haven't felt inspired to do any posts without my own photos until today and my camera has been trapped in our garage since the weekend! Long story, but basically we had to get a maintenance man to break into our garage so I got it back today! :D Outfit posts and beauty product reviews will be coming up soon :)
What's everyone up to tonight? I'm going to be fully relaxing on the sofa, watching apprentice :) x

Sunday, 13 May 2012

iPhone Outfits #01

1. Playsuit - ASOS//Jacket - H&M (kids.. ahem)
2. Dress - Primark
3. Shirt - Glamorous//Floral Jeans - Forever 21.

 Working full time means that if I want to take some proper outfit photos before I leave, I have to wake up about half an hour earlier than normal. I'm lazy and I'd much rather be in bed for half an hour, so I tend to just quickly snap what I'm wearing on my phone. So I decided that, to keep up the fashion/outfits side of my blog, I'd do a weekly round up of iPhone outfits! 

These are all taken in the full length mirror in mine and Josh's bedroom, so please excuse the tangle of straightners/hair dryer/ phone charger cables behind me... and the duck washing basket.
What do you think of this new feature, is it something you guys would be interested in seeing? There are only 3 photos this week, but usually there will be between 3 & 6. I did have 4 for this week, but one of them was taken through instagram so the sizing was all funny and it didn't look right in the post. 

So yeah, let me know what you think of this feature and which outfit is your favourite :) x

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Don't let the days go by...

The Hemera bracelet is based on the mythological goddess of the day, holding the key to your future and encouraging you to grab life by the hands. As cheesy as this sounds, I do quite like the idea of this, something to remind you to make the most of life! Cutey have a range of individually designed charm bracelets based on various mythological stories and ways of life. Cutey say that you know when you're wearing cutey as their pieces are weighty and feel expensive. They're definitely right about that, the bracelet feels really good quality and sits nicely on my wrist. Check out their website linked above if you want to see more of their themed charm bracelets.

My boyfriend, Josh has 'don't let the days go by' tattooed on his wrist and it's a saying that holds massive personal importance to him. The message behind this bracelet kinda reminds me of that motto too. It's from the Bush song, 'Glycerine' - listen to it below if you don't know it. <3
 enjoy x

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Figs & Rouge

I recently got this balm in my Glossybox and it was my favourite product by far. Figs & Rouge balms are 100% organic and use shea, bees wax, essential oils and contain vitamins too. I was expecting the balm to be quite hard in the pan, almost a carmex-like feel, but it's actually really soft! It took me a while to get used to it and I kept sticking my finger in it too hard! But I've managed to control my finger better now and stopped splodging balm everywhere ;) don't worry guys. The balm glides on very smoothly and really  moisturises your lips. You can use it on any part of your body but I've only used it on my lips so far. It smells amazing too, Josh says it's like turkish delight... I dunno but it smells gooooood. Did anyone else get this in their box?

I'm off out for some dissertation hand-in celebration drinks tonight :) hope everyone else has a fun night! What are you all up to? x 

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Stila Custom Colour Blush - Self Adjusting Coral

Firstly, I finished my dissertation yesterday and handed it in today, yay! You won't have to hear me go on about it anymore :) So to celebrate, I did a bit of shopping. Some bits from Boots (including this blush & some Good Things stuff) and then a cheeky ASOS order too.

What Stila say: "Why settle for "almost the right shade" of blush? This perceptive one-shade-fits-all powder blush reacts with your skin's pH to create a one-of-a-kind, customised shade perfect for you! The ultra-blendable, velvety-soft formula magically smoothes the appearance of fine lines, pores and pigmentation, leaving skin with a luminous, flawless flush. The weightless powder can be layered to achieve just the right amount of colour and coverage."

I always doubt whether these products, that claim to adapt to your skin, actually work. I do feel like this blusher suits my skin tone, but that could just be luck. It'd be interesting to see how this blush looks on someone else. If anyone's tried it or has any review links then send them over :) 

I really like this blush, it is definitely velvety and very build-able. I think the colour is perfect for everyday wear, it's not too bold but still gives a good flush of colour. I wore it all day at work and it lasted, despite me constantly leaning my face on my hand while sitting at my desk aha.

What do you think of these products that claim to adapt, do they actually work? x  

Sunday, 6 May 2012

April's Glossybox - better late than never

I know everyone's already seen the April Glossybox a million times already, I'm a bit behind the times but just thought I'd do a quick post to show which variation of the products I got! This month's was a completely natural box which is awesome.

This has been one of my favourite boxes so far, I did like the Christmas and Valentines boxes but they seem like ages ago now so I'm glad I've had another one I enjoy! I was starting to wonder whether Glossybox was worth the price, as I was only really using one or two products from each box. But I know I'm going to use all the products in this one so I'm feeling better about the whole situation. Next month's box is their 1st birthday box, so I'm hoping that'll be a good one too!

I got:
- Caudalie Thirst Quenching Serum.
- Figs & Rouge Balm in Rambling Rose.
- Ayuuri Bodywash in Sandalwood.
- Kai Fragrance.
- Inika Organic Eyeliner in Coco.

Basically, I'm going to use everything apart from the Kai fragrance which I don't like. My favourite is the Figs & Rouge lip balm, that went straaaight in my handbag. All in all - a good box :)
Which items did you get in your box? What did you think? x

Friday, 4 May 2012


I was approached by the lovely Lauren at Raspberrygrape, who asked me if I'd accept some of her bracelets to show you guys! How cute are the little piggies?! I love them :) I'm such a sucker for cute little cartoon animals.
These bracelets are perfect for the festival look. I used to wear loads of friendship bracelets and festival wristbands (before I got old and got a job) and these would have fitted right in! 
Have a look at Raspberrygrape's shop here and Facebook here, there's loads more cute charms like crosses, skulls, liquorice allsorts(!) and fruit. :) 


P.S. Sorry I haven't been on here much this week, I'm working full time and my dissertation is due in on Tuesday (aaahhhh!), but thank you for baring with me, I will definitely be back to regular posting soon. I do have some little posts lined up for the meantime though :)
I hope you're all okay and enjoy the bank holiday weekend! What are you up to? x