Sunday, 15 April 2012

Josh's 24th Army Party!

1. Me and the birthday boy, Josh. 
2. The lego brick cake I made. 3. The army tent decorations in the lounge. 4. Battleshots!
5. Me & my attempt at victory rolls. 6. Me and Josh.
7. Me, Josh, Max & Sarah. 

So last night was my boyfriend's 24th birthday party. We surprised him with the theme and decorated the house army-style while he was out at the pub yesterday afternoon! We had camo nets hanging from the ceiling, a full on army tent in the lounge,  tunnels covered in camo netting in the hallway that people had to crawl through and a game of Battleshots! 

I bought an army outfit from a website but it was so low-cut I had to wear a black vest top under it to save the eyes of the general public and my dignity. I didn't want to do the whole normal, slutty army theme so decided to go for more of a 1940s look. I attempted victory rolls for the first time and I think they turned out okay! I love 1940s/50s style and wish I could look like this all the time! I think I might start experimenting with my hair a bit more and do things like this more often.

I'm not feeling hungover at all today, but I just want to eat everything in sight! I've been watching Jamie Oliver's 30 minute meals and just craving more and more foooood! We haven't really got anything good in either :/

What's everyone else been up to this weekend? x


  1. You're victory rolls came out brilliant for the first time! Reminds me I haven't attempted them for so long, always make my arms ache because I can never get them right!

    1. Agreed, they look super chic.

      Love the whole outfit. Hope you guys had a good time :)

    2. Aww thanks so much guys :)
      I love the look of them but they are hard to do and hard to keep in! x

  2. looks like such fun!
    iv avoided uni work all weekend even though i need to get it done! grr

    new follower from #bbloggers chat x

    1. I've got loads of uni work too :( avoided it this weekend but need to seriously get on with tomorrow. I might have to ban blogger for a day! haha
      Thanks for following :) x

  3. You look fantastic I LOVE the tent! Glad your had an obviously amazing time. Shame your dress was low cut but it looks good with the vest underneath maybe you can alter it somehow to protect your modesty
    I'm so jealous of your hair- I would love to be able to do victory rolls! Did you use a tutorial? Or better yet be able to do a post? They look perfect!

    1. Thank youuuu :) I had such a fun time, I love dressing up - especially from this era!
      It's pretty much cheating but the victory rolls actually have little hair rollers in them, I decided it was safer that way because I didn't want them dropping/falling out in the middle of the night! I didn't use a tutorial actually, I just kinda went with the trial and error method haha. I could maybe do a little picture tutorial post though :) x

  4. You look so sexy! Who needs dignity when you're such a babe ;)

  5. hey hun ,thanks for your blog comment. Re the westy blazer I have a whole outfit post coming up on it soon :)

    Mel x

  6. I think it looks amazing, the 1940s theme is a lot classier than the slutty type theme, your hair looks fab! :) xx

  7. Such a nice birthday party! I wish someone would throw me a theme party too someday.

    P.S. - Really, how crazy was the Hannibal purse? Crazy cool but also scary!

    xo Joana

  8. What a cool party ! The army theme was a great idea :) and you look fantastic !

    love from the NaNa girls xoxo