Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hungover Hippie

Went to a 70s night last night, so today has been spent feeling very hungover and sorry for myself! Was bad and had Pizza Hut delivery for dinner, but it was definitely needed to help with hangover symptoms! The picture above is me and my boyfriend before we went out, I was wearing a long purple gypsy skirt, white vest and beads.

Normal posting will resume this week when my hangover finally leaves, haha. I have my new Benefit 'Hello Flawless' foundation to review and some other bits and bobs coming up. Has anyone else got the foundation? I'm not sure if my pump is working properly or if it's meant to be like that. There's no tube thing under the pump when you unscrew the top so I'm not really how the foundation will be able to come out when it's a bit more empty??

Sorry this post is awful, I'm not feeling too coherent right now haha.
Hope everyone had a good weekend! x


  1. Aw, that looks like so much fun though. I wanna go to a 70s party!

    Hope ya feel better ;)

  2. Me and some friends ended up crashing a 70s night last night- what a small world!

  3. Mcdonalds always helps my hangovers the only time I ever eat the stuff, hope you feel better.

  4. Aww, you look great! Hope the hangover's gone! ♥

  5. You both look great! Hope your hangover has finally vanished!