Friday, 16 March 2012

New shorts

I've just been mooching round the house today, doing a bit of uni work, bit of housework. Boring I know, but I wore my new Topshop high waisted turquoise shorts. They're a really soft denim so they're really comfy! I want to be able to wear these with no tights in the summer, so need to lose a bit of weight off my thighs and hips!

Top & shorts - both Topshop.

My face always looks weird in full length outfit photos, so here's evidence (hopefully) that it's not actually like that. Sorry about the lack of makeup, the only time I left the house today was to walk to the end of the road to give Josh the satnav because he forgot it.

I'm off out for a meal tonight, I'm getting hungry already just thinking about it! Then going to my friend's house for a girlie movie night. Not sure what I'm going to wear yet but hopefully it'll be more exciting than what I've worn today! Hope everyone has a fun Friday night :)


  1. I love the shorts! I'm always nervous when I wear them without tights though. And you look lovely, definitely no need for make-up.

  2. the shorts are lovely!
    love your blog as well, thank you for commenting on mine :) x

  3. Love the shorts, such a lovely colour too- perfect for Summer! :)