Tuesday, 13 March 2012

March GLOSSYBOX review:

This now my fourth Glossybox but my first review. This month Glossybox have teamed up with Harrods to provide an extra special luxury box.

The products: (L-R) Bliss white pepper and blood orange body butter, Lancome Juicy Tube in 'toffee', Clarins extra firming body cream, Vanitas Versace eau de parfum & Revive intensite creme lustre.

Now the previous Glossyboxes I've had have all had at least one thing (usually more) in it to justify the price. I've always loved at least one or more of the products and been happy. However, I was slightly disappointed with this box (maybe I'm just not a Harrods kinda girl) but none of the products really wowed me. The perfume is a nice size, an okay scent but not really something I would usually wear. The Juicy Tube is a nice colour, but I rarely wear lipgloss. The one product I do like is the Bliss body butter, it smells so nice and really softened my skin. It's on sale at harrods here for £20.50, even though I like this product I probably wouldn't pay full price for it... we'll see how I feel by the time I finish the tube.

Glossybox ask you to fill in a 'beauty profile' when you first sign up, so they know your age, skin type, hair type, preferences etc. Because of this I was pretty annoyed when I got two anti-ageing creams! I know you should start using products like this before you actually start getting wrinkles, but 21 is a bit too early! The full size version is on sale here at Harrods for £235. :| so it definitely is a luxury product, but it's just not suited to me :/

I hope Glossybox start taking our beauty profiles into consideration, otherwise I might start looking into other monthly beauty boxes!

Jessica French has literally just posted about her March Glossybox, I'm actually quite gutted that I didn't get the same, the Burberry lipstick is gorgeous! I suppose it's just luck of the draw really.

What does everyone else think of their box? Do you use another beauty box, if so which one?



  1. it´s really nice - exited to see whats inside our new glossy box :)

    X the cookies

  2. I totally agree with you. What is the point to fill in yor beauty profile if at the age of 21 you get an anti wrinkle cream. I am also gutted that I didn't get the cute Burberry lipstick. It should have been in every box. I loved the body butter and I can't stop sniffing it :) x
    Thanks for your comment x

  3. I have very similar thought. We both received the same things, I don't really mind the anti ageing creams, as it's never too early. x

  4. Ahh, you got a Juicy Tube! I got the Burberry lipstick, but the shade is way to dark for me :-|