Wednesday, 28 March 2012

MAC Mineralize Blush - Dainty

MAC Mineralize Blusher in 'Dainty'

Got a new blusher when I was in Bath. It's such a gorgeous colour and as with all MAC products, it's really well pigmented. I also bought a new Real Techniques blusher brush today, to match my others :) Thought I might as well invest in a new brush seeing as I've got a new blusher ;)

While I was in boots I was checking out the Benefit makeup stand and saw the new 'Hello Flawless' liquid foundations were out to test! I've wanted to buy one of these since I knew they were realising them. They're not actually available for sale yet :( but they will be in a few days! Me and the nice Benefit lady worked out the right colour for my skin and surprise surprise it's the palest one haha. She gave me a sample to take home and see how it felt on my skin after it had been worn a while and to see whether it lasts etc. They didn't have my shade so I had to have a couple of shades darker, but it's okay because I'm just going to test how it wears on my hand for now. Look how cute the mini bottle is!

I always love Benefit packaging, but this one is especially cute. I've been wearing the sample on my hand all day and it seems to have lasted fine! I think I'm definitely going to buy it. I'll do a proper review once I've worn the right shade on my face for a few days.

I also have 3 sachets of the Garnier BB cream to test out - I want a lighter foundation/tinted moisturiser to wear in the summer and think it might just be this :)

Has anyone tried any of these products? What are you favourite blushers and foundations?


  1. That blusher is a beautiful shade, and I love the look of the benefit foundation, such a sweet little bottles! xx

  2. That blush looks like such a pretty shade. I have the Real Techniques brush and it's amazing - just so soft! I've not tried the Garnier BB cream all over my face, but I did test a little on my hand in the shop and the scent kind of put me off. I've heard pretty mixed reviews about it, I think it's pretty good if you just want light coverage.

  3. I was just about to buy that blusher, but the make up artist convinced me that Fleur Power was a better colour on me! Going to review it soon myself, Dainty looks beautiful as well x