Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Hello, I'm back from my few days away in Bath :)

Had an awesome time, it was nice to just get away for a few days and chill out. Such nice weather as well! We mainly wandered around the town, did some shopping, lay in the park, ate nice food and drank nice drinks :)

Shopping on the first day was pretty successful really, I bought a robin print dress from a little market stall, denim jacket, bracelet and grey studded vest from H&M, ear cuff from Topshop and the mini dressing table shelves and plate from Urban Outfitters. On the second day I discovered the MAC shop and bought a new mineralize blusher :) I might go over some of these purchases in another post because otherwise this is going to be an essay!

This is what I ate on Sunday night, a Chimichanga from Las Iguanas. It was so so so nice. Just looking at the picture is making me want to eat it all over again!

I've got outfit posts from the last few days and loads of new products to review, but I don't want to overload you lot, so I'm going to leave you with a picture of a latte I had this morning.

Hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine :) x


  1. Ohh I saw that shelf thing from Urban Outfitters the other day and was so tempted to get it. It's be nice to see a post to see how you use it maybe?


    1. I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to use it yet, probably to store little bits and bobs on my dressing table :) but yeah sure I'll do some kind of bedroom post soon and include it! x

  2. That's a beautiful dress- cant wait to see an outfit post including it

  3. Gorgeous purchases, the little bird cage inspired rack thing is so cute. The food looks so yummy, pretty blog (:

  4. you´ve bought awsome stuff :)

  5. All looks lovely! The weather was so good for a trip too!

  6. wow nice dress!! excited to see a post with that dress!


    -kimy your new reader! <3

  7. Oooh i love the little birdcage racking - what are you going to store in it? I've wanted an ear cuff for ages too but worried they wont fit properly! xx