Saturday, 24 March 2012

24th March 2012

Top & Shorts: Both Topshop

Feeling like a cross between someone out of Mamma Mia, mainly because of the batwing top, and a walking Topshop advertisement. Please excuse the bags under my eyes as well, they're not normally there I don't think, I must just be super tired today. 

Anywayyy, it's really nice and sunny today! Got all the windows in the house open while I'm doing this bloody dissertation. Done about a thousand words so far though, so I'm going to reward myself with a little walk out in the sunshine soon. 

A couple of people have shown interest in hearing my thoughts on the Real Techniques brushes I've got, there are loads already out there in the blogosphere, but I'm thinking I might do a mini review later. I am in no way a makeup expert, so it would just be a review on how I find using them, as a completely normal 21 year old girl. Hopefully that other people will be able to relate to! Would anyone be interested in reading that? 

I'm off to Bath tomorrow, yaaaay! I hope the weather stays nice for the few days we're there. I'm looking forward to wondering round the town, looking at the touristy stuff, hopefully finding some good charity shops and eating lots of yummy food. I'm warning you now, I may have doubled in size by the time I get home haha. I'll make sure I take lots of pictures and maybe upload a couple on here :)

How is everyone on this sunny day? x 

Ps. I mentioned a new ASOS dress arriving the other day and promised pictures. I'm actually sending it back because it's wayy too big on me and looks awful! So no pictures, sorry :)


  1. Cute shorts!

  2. I reallllyyy want those shorts! you look lovely xo

  3. You are gorgeous and your blog is so pretty!

  4. lovely shorts :)

  5. Cool outfit! You look lovely, the top is so cute, as are the shorts!

    Pip x

  6. You're beautiful! I love your hair, and that outfit looks perfect on you!

  7. gorgeous outfit! love the colour of those shorts :)

    a nice walk in the sunshine sounds like a great reward for dissertation writing! have LOVEd soaking up the rays these past few days! x

  8. Lovely outfit and great blog...thank you very much for your comment!